Interviewed on TV at Possum Festival!

I'm so excited and privileged to have been interviewed at the 2017 Possum Festival by WJHG about 'Phoebe Flies Away'! (my part starts at 1:22)

Here is a an excerpt from their story:

"Janice Murphy is an author and first time visitor to the Possum Festival. "It reminds me of an old-time country fair and I'm glad they're not serving possum." Murphy said.

Murphy brought copies of her children's book "Phoebe Flies Away." The book is full of opossum adventures and may likely help change opinions on the creatures.

"When they do the threat display it's only because they have very poor eyesight and it's there way of scaring off predators and people think that they're really mean," Murphy said, "but they're really very affectionate animals."